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Stainless steel reactor
Unsaturated resin coating equipment
Spiral plate heat exchangers
Tube Condenser
Fermenter Series
Seed Tank
Extraction LP Series multifunction
Vacuum rake dryer
Crystallization (heating) Slicing Machine
ZN-for vacuum Concentrator
For vacuum Concentrator
JH series of alcohol recycling tower
(Carbon steel) tank, tankers

    My factory is located shore of the Tai Lake, Wuxi city Nanjiao, thetransportation is extremely convenient. This factory has one, two, three kind of pressure vessel design, themanufacture permit, through ISO9001:2000 version international qualitysystem authentication.
       This factory nature guarantees the system perfectly, technical forceabundant, processes well-equipped, the examination method is complete,the complete production technical management system, layer upon layercarries out the post responsibility system, has guaranteed the productquality. The quality is enterprise's life, the prestige is the cooperationfoundation.
    Welcome to select my factory the product, the on-the-spotinvestigation, sincere cooperation. Asks respectfully new old customer your help or friendship to advise.

Wuxi Taihu petrochemical equipment plant